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"Jess is not just incredibly capable and well-networked"

Jess helped me sell a multimillion dollar home under unusual pressure and circumstances. Jess is not just incredibly capable and well-networked, but he is trustworthy and authentic. It goes without saying that I am a client for life.

- John G.

"“there may be no agent better able to help you navigate the waters”"

In the chaotic jumble that is the current SF housing market, there may be no agent better able to help you navigate the waters and keep a steady hand on the tiller than Jess Williams. Our experience couldn't have been better. Jess had valuable input at every stage of the game.

- Chris T.

"“Jess is an exceptional real estate agent”"

Jess is an exceptional real estate agent. I tend to be pretty picky and frequently feel like there's always a better option out there, but with Jess I'm completely confident! What makes him so truly unique is that he combines genuinely caring about his clients and finding them the perfect home with also being incredible at his job. You'd be lucky to work with him.

- Sam M.

"“Thanks again for everything, Jess – you’re amazing”"

Choosing Jess to represent us in the sale of our condo was by far the BEST decision we've made all year. We honestly don't think anyone could have done a better job and cannot recommend him highly enough. We found out firsthand exactly why Jess is consistently rated one of the best in the business and has such an impressive track record: HE GETS THINGS DONE. "Moving is stressful enough. As soon as you hand me the keys, I'll take care of the rest." Believe him when he tells you this. Jess worked with stagers, handymen, inspectors, carpet installers, appliance delivery staff, movers, and cleaners to get our place ready for sale within 4 days of our move-out date. Two weeks later, we had an offer and Jess managed the wrap up process and preparation for the new owners. And having just had newborn twins that summer, we really depended on Jess during this time, as we weren't readily available to manage that process ourselves. All of this was handled by Jess in an amazingly efficient manner. HE DOES HIS RESEARCH. We were impressed by Jess's detailed knowledge of the surrounding properties in our neighborhood. When we referenced different places for sale (past or current), he knew exactly which ones we were talking about, each one's strengths and weaknesses, what it went for, and how it could influence the sale of our property. He is well connected with other top agents around the area, and often has the "inside scoop" on most listings. HE IS HONEST, GENUINE, AND EASY TO WORK WITH. Jess has all the qualities you want and need in an agent. He takes the time to listen to and understand your concerns. His calm, confident, and reassuring demeanor immediately puts you at ease. And indeed, Jess took care of us every step of the way. Prompt communication was one of the things we looked for in an agent, and Jess is a great communicator. He was always available via phone, text, and email, and kept us updated at all times. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, HE IS COMPETENT! Selling your home is stressful and a lot of work. And inevitably, unforeseen challenges will arise that will add even more stress to the process. We had a number of unexpected issues with outside parties that needed to be resolved ASAP. Jess addressed and responded to each one immediately, and was calm, firm, and straightforward with his communications, including supporting documentation or detailed explanations when necessary. (Thankfully, we talked through our history at our property and he made sure we included every piece of relevant information in our disclosure package.) We trusted him completely and knew we were in good hands. We had fairly high expectations when we were searching for a realtor. Jess exceeded all of them. I'm not sure we would have been as prepared and successful with any other agent. Thanks again for everything, Jess - you're amazing!

- Happy Client

"“We couldn’t recommend Jess more highly”"

We couldn't recommend Jess more highly. We have now purchased and sold a place with Jess. He helped us get the best prices we could reasonably expect on both sides of the transaction. He handles as much of the work as a real estate agent can, which limits the amount of time you need to put in as much as possible. He is an absolute pleasure to work with. As more context, we are a busy family with two children. We needed someone who could walk us through the process, answer our questions, and make every step as easy as possible. If you are selling, Jess will have trusted vendors help you get the place ready to look its best: painting, repairs, photographer, and staging (or partial staging). He will meet with all of them for you (but you can join too) and make reasonable recommendations that will maximize value. All you have to do is listen to him and follow his recommendations. We followed everything he suggested and it really paid off. Through Jess's recommendations, our place became gorgeous and we had hundreds of people at our open houses (resulting in several offers). Jess has a great track record of selling homes in a very short amount of time, just ask him for his latest stats. If you are buying, Jess will take a data driven approach and make sure you are spending what you should. He knows the market really well and how it changes day by day. He will walk you through each document you sign, what it means, and what you are committing to (and whether the terms are reasonable given the market). In short, stop looking further and go with Jess. You will be glad you did.

- Sanjay N.

"“Jess was very professional, communicative, and flexible”"

Jess helped me sell my condo (which he also helped me buy 5 years ago!). I interviewed several agents and Jess's approachability won me over. I was comfortable being honest about my wants and constraints, and I trusted his expertise without ever feeling intimidated. I was trying to sell a condo that could have benefitted from professional staging but I was very tight on cash. Jess was very flexible and helped me find a designer who was able to reuse some of my furniture. I lived in the condo with my cats, and Jess was very communicative and flexible - he always gave me ample heads up about showing times, and took care of putting away/back the cat furniture - and my cats loved him! Overall, Jess was very professional, communicative, and flexible. He's an expert that doesn't judge you for being a newbie. He provided consistently exellent service both times I used him. I highly recommend him!

- Jing J.

"“He was super sweet but very honest from the beginning”"

Everyone knows the housing market in San Francisco is brutal. From finding an agent, home loan, contracters, to the home itself. We went off a recommendation from good friends to set up a meeting with Jess, and they were so right. We first met Jess at one of the Paragon offices, frightened and having no idea what to expect. He was super sweet but very honest from the beginning. He did a great job of patiently framing out the process from beginning to end and his energy was contagious! He came with us to the first few open houses and we recapped on what we liked so he could get a feel for our tastes. He's a part of top agent network as well so he got us the inside scoop on properties he thought we would like. When we found a place we wanted to put an offer in he was there every step of the way. Even after we closed he checked in with us to make sure we didn't have any questions, and he even helped us find a flooring team to get the floors refinished before we moved in! I can only imagine how much goes on in the background in real estate here. To know that you have someone like Jess in your corner gives you so much peace of mind through such a stressful process. I can't imagine anyone doing a better job!

- Haena K.

"“Jess is the absolute best”"

Jess is the absolute best. We just purchased our second home in San Francisco with Jess and cannot recommend him enough. Jess really takes the time to get to know you and what you are looking for. Throughout the entire process Jess never rushed or pushed us in any way. He is very thoughtful and knows the market extremely well. We purchased our first home 5 years ago with Jess and were so happy to work with him again for our second home. Jess' attention to detail is very helpful in such a competitive market. He has a keen sense of other agents and sellers, and helped us make a winning offer. He handles everything very professionally and makes the entire process as stress-free as possible. He makes sure you are 100% comfortable with every step. Even after closing and move-in, Jess has been super helpful with finding contractors, repair and service techs, etc. We're so happy in our new home, the only downside is seeing Jess less often!

- Sarah B.

"“Jess goes above and beyond the logical limits of his responsibility”"

Jess goes above and beyond the logical limits of his responsibility and steps fully into taking care of his clients - from finding the place they want to move into, to making sure they have everything they need. Jess reviewed disclosure packages with me page by page, at every turn made me feel like he was putting my interests above his own, and answered emails around the clock to make sure I had anything I required - even days after I was already moved in. (My apologizes for reaching out to you when I couldn't work the darn shower, Jess.) Jess understands how stressful moving can be and truly empathizes. It's from this place that he approaches everything. I would recommend Jess to anyone interested in Real Estate in SF, but also I would not make a Real Estate related move without him ever again. I am sorry Jess, but you now will have to deal with me forever.

- D Z.

"“Jess has been so incredibly amazing to work with from start to finish”"

Jess has been so incredibly amazing to work with from start to finish. We greatly appreciate transparency and being as honest as possible and Jess was that and so much more. He was so kind, easy to work with, has a lovely personality and great sense of humor. :) Throughout our entire house hunting process, he has gone above and beyond to support us on our search to find our first home. Buying a home as many of you can imagine is an exciting and stressful time to say the least, given that we wanted to find something we would both love and be happy with in the years to come. We wanted a safe, quiet, clean environment midway to both of our work locations where we could grow our family with multiple rooms, and a bonus I really wanted was to have garden for our little dog which we found. Jess was always in our corner reminding us to enjoy the process and told us, when it's "meant to be" we will find the perfect home and we did! Even while we were on vacation and had just submitted our offer, he told us to enjoy our time away and not worry so much because the right home would come to us. I never imagined that we would find our home and purchase it so quickly. I truthfully don't think we would've been successful in our pursuit if it hadn't been for his expertise and amazing skills. We were able to close in only 15 days! Jess was so easy to work with, knowledgeable and was always a text or call away. He invested a great deal of his time working to help us and spent a good deal of time sharing detailed statistics on the market which was so helpful when it came down to putting in our offer. He genuinely cared and that meant so much to us. Everything we did was carefully planned out and it was all thanks to Jess. We always felt like we were in good hands. He never kept us waiting or guessing on anything and was so quick to update us on the next steps throughout our entire process. We 100% recommend working with Jess on purchasing your home!! Thank you so much, Jess! Vito and I are so happy. :D

- Violet L.

"“Integrity, professionalism, and deep experience are just a few words to describe Jess”"

Integrity, professionalism, and deep experience are just a few words to describe Jess, Alex, and team based on my recent experience. I have worked with agents before and its always a mix bag, they start strong but something along the way disappoints. My experience with Jess and Alex exceeded all my expectations and established a new standard for agents in the bay area for me and my friends. Jess and Alex helped me sell a multi-million dollar home in San Francisco under unusual pressure and circumstances. We had to move to London in a hurry for work and we only had time to pack the house, and left the keys with them. Jess and team laid out a detailed plan that included everything from recommended movers and storage, a project manager for the move, to the end-to-end remodeling, staging, and marketing of the property. What impressed me the most and showed the level of experience that Jess brings was in negotiating and overseeing all the contracting projects. His rolodex was full of solid contractors, there was absolutely no dollar wasted on unnecessary work, and he knew how to negotiate to get the best outcome. The level of service I received was truly world-class and concierge-like in nature. There was always proper communication and updates, and just a no-fuss approach to solving unexpected problems. I would wake up in my morning UK time and get one email with all the updates, issues, and resolutions. It made our lives and selling the house seem so easy. I was also very touched by how he owned the process as it were his own home. There was personal mail to forwards, communication with family, advise on logistics...I felt like I had a friend on my side who actually knew what he was doing. I am a Marketing executive and I was also thoroughly impressed with the marketing strategy and approach they devised. This was not just your usual multi-channel blitz with social media and daily analytics that they provided, it was all the deep relationship and 1:1 marketing they did through twilight open houses, top-agent networking events and the rest. They even mobilized a famous local architect to do research and give a talk and consultation at the first two open houses. It made a big difference! It goes without saying that I am a client for life. I truly felt taken care of. Jess is not just incredibly capable and well-networked, but he is trustworthy and authentic. This is a very rare combination to find these days. I'm grateful to him and his team for the care they took but more importantly for getting me way above my asking price.

- Happy Client